2017 UFO Challenge

Choose up to 8 started, but unfinished, projects (UFO’s) and make a numbered list of these projects. Bring your list to the January or February meeting and give to Sue Baumgartel. Make a copy to keep for yourself and make sure your name is on the list.

At the March general meeting we will draw a number from 1-8. Whatever UFO is on your list for that number will be the quilt (or other project) you are to complete that month. If you do not complete your project you will owe one NEUTRAL FAT QUARTER. These will be collected and awarded at the end of the Challenge. If you do finish your UFO your name will be entered into the drawing which will occur at the end of the Challenge. If you finish all your projects, your name will be in 8 times.

If you are not at a meeting you will owe a fat quarter, unless you have a friend bring your completed project.

If you get a project done ahead of time, you can show it and get credit.

If items were on your list last year and not completed you may include them this year…it’s a new year and new beginning of the Challenge!

Remember, you must have done some sewing on your UFO during the month. If you are quilting it yourself then that satisfies that requirement. If you are NOT quilting it yourself, you must have had to so some sewing to finish the top/piece. You can show the finished top, and then send it for quilting. Your name will not go into the drawing until the UFO is shown again completely finished with binding.

All UFO’s will be shown during regular Show and Tell.

Neutrals Per Quilt Expert Bonnie Hunter…

"When using the term "NEUTRAL" I am referring to the "GROUND COLOR" that my background fabric is printed on.

Neutral backgrounds mean I want the fabric to read as white, cream, beige or tan.
I’ve mentioned this before – but to me the job of background fabrics is to provide interest and visual impact to the quilt, but also to BE background, allowing the foreground – the main block design – to be the main focus. I want my block design to take center stage, and my neutrals to be my backup singers.

Stripes and florals and little calicoes! All with a white to cream to "almost yellow" background.

Tan burlap looking fabric! YES! As long as no darker than paper bag brown!"

Pink/burgundy flowers on cream? Yes! It’s on a cream ground – it’s not a pink fabric – it will read as a light neutral! I will throw in very baby pastels into my neutrals to spice up the mix, but it has to be way lighter than "medium".

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