Allatoona Quilters   Guild

                                               BY-LAWS OF THE ALLATOONA QUILTERS GUILD

                                                      Approved as Amended June 6, 2017


Article I. Name

This organization shall be known as the Allatoona Quilters’ Guild; herein referred to as the Guild.

Article II. Purpose

It shall be the purpose and goal of the Guild to promote and perpetuate the art of quilting. The work of the Guild is designed to benefit and educate all persons interested in preserving, continuing and advancing this art. The Guild shall encourage a high standard of design and technique in all forms of quilting, and shall promote the art of quilting by sponsoring workshops and exhibits.

Article III. Territory and Headquarters

The Guild shall encompass the state of Georgia and the headquarters shall be located in Cobb County.

Article IV. Membership

Section 1. A person is eligible to become a member of the Guild on payment of one year’s dues.

Section 2. A person may attend four routine guild meetings per year (excluding special events, i.e. retreats, outside speakers, etc.) as a guest without paying an attendance fee.

Article V. Officers

Section 1. The Officers of the Guild shall be a President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer.

Section 2.  All officers will be elected for one fiscal year (currently January 1st through December 31st). 

Section 3. Officers may be elected to consecutive terms.

Article VI. Duties of the Officers

Section 1. The President shall be the official representative of the Guild and shall preside at all meetings. The President shall be a member of all committees and shall appoint the Chair of such. The President shall submit a budget proposal for approval by the Executive Board; herein referred to as the Board.

 2. The Vice President shall serve as Chair of the Program Committee and shall perform the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the latter.

Section 3. The duties of the Secretary shall include keeping a record of all proceedings of the Guild and Board.

Section 4.   In case an officer cannot complete their term, a temporary replacement may be appointed by the President (or the Board) until the next general meeting at which time a permanent replacement will be nominated and elected by the membership.

Article VII. Board

Section 1. The Board shall be made up of the elected officers of the Guild and the Chairs of all standing Committees.

Section 2. The immediate past president is an ex officio member of the Board.

Section 3.  Officers and one chair from each standing Committee will have a vote.  If a person is chairman of more than one committee, they shall only have one vote.

Article VIII. Duties of the Board

The job descriptions of the Officers and all standing committee chairmen are attached to the Bylaws as an Appendix.

Article IX. Elections

Section 1. All officers shall be elected in November for the following fiscal year.

Section 2.  The President shall appoint a Nominating Committee to secure candidates for the offices of President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer and conduct the election, if necessary.          

Article X. Meetings

Section 1. The Guild shall hold a minimum of four meetings a year.

Section 2. A quorum for the transaction of business at general meetings shall be forty percent (40%) of the membership.

Section 3. A quorum for the transaction of business at a Board meeting shall be eight (8) Committee members to include a minimum of two (2) officers.

Article XI. Finances

Section 1. The fiscal year for the Guild shall begin on January 1 and shall end December 31.  Dues shall be due at the beginning of the fiscal year.

Section 2. An annual budget proposal for the following fiscal year will be submitted by the current President to the Board at the December Board meeting.

Section 3. Members of the Guild shall pay yearly dues in an amount determined annually by the Board.

Section 4. New Members joining the Guild after July 1st shall pay one-half the amount of the dues.

Section 5. The Board must approve all Guild expenditures over $250.

Article XII. Stipends.

Section 1. Stipends will not be paid to Guild members for presentations at General Meetings or for teaching a workshop on a specific topic. Guild members will not be reimbursed mileage for presentations given at a General Meeting or for teaching a workshop.

Section 2. Reimbursement for supplies purchased for workshops taught by Guild members can be made, if the Guild member requests reimbursement. If the reimbursement is requested, the participants taking the workshop will pay for the reimbursement. No reimbursements will be taken from the General Fund Account.

Article XIII. Dissolution

In the event that dissolution of the Guild appears desirable for any reason, approval of fifty-one (51%) percent of the total membership shall be obtained by ballot at two (2) consecutive general meetings. Any assets remaining shall be applied and distributed to the final payment and discharge of any liability or obligation of the Guild. Any remaining assets shall be distributed by approval of the membership.

Article XIV. Amendments

Section 1. Proposals for amendments of these bylaws shall be submitted in writing to the Board, not less than seven days prior to the next scheduled meeting.

Section 2. Notice of proposed amendments of the Bylaws shall be published in the newsletter which precedes the next general meeting. At the general meeting the proposed amendments will be open for discussion. The proposed amendments may be referred to a committee for further study. No more than one month shall pass before a vote on a proposed amendment is taken at the general meeting.


            Appendix A contains the duties and responsibilities of the elected Board and Committees within the Allatoona Quilters Guild.  The contents of this Appendix is meant to be updated on a yearly basis to maintain currency.  By referencing this Appendix, new chairman and committee members will know the history of their committee to assure responsibilities are met, but have the discretion of changing procedures, for example, to be more efficient or a change in direction.

            As new committees are created, the chairman of that committee will have the responsibility for submitting the duties and responsibility of that committee to be inserted in the Appendix.

The presiding President will ask current Chairman to update their committee’s duties and responsibilities at the end of the year in order that the Appendix can be updated.  The incoming president will direct the new Chairman to the appendix or for their duties and responsibilities.

NOTE;  For ease of finding and updating, please click on the Committee Duties tab on the Guild’s website.