Special Projects

-  Propose suggestions for projects and possible classes, including estimated costs, at the Board meetings.
-  Arrange for teachers of projects and /or classes. 
- Coordinate teaching and supply requirements for participating membership to include web and newsletter announcements.
-  Coordinate with Web Mistress to determine is patterns for planning projects can be put on website.

-  Allow for UFO or "catch-up" days for completion of projects.

-  Submit expense receipts to Treasurer for reimbursements.

-  The Chairman is responsible for picking up and returning the door key to Robert's School.  This duty can be delegated.  The school has an alarm.  


1.  Arrange for transfer of  bank account from previous administration, including authorized signatures.
2.  Maintain an accurate checkbook and account ledgers of the Guild bank accounts on a monthly basis.
3.  Maintain current signature cards at the bank.
4.   Provide an end of fiscal year (December) financial statement of receipts and
disbursements to the Executive Board.
5.  Accept receipts and handle delivering reimbursements to appropriate Guild members for committee expenditures.
6.  Be responsible for maintaining the necessary supplies for handling the finances (i.e. checks, deposit slips, etc).
7. Report the financial standing of the Guild at the Executive Board meetings.
8. Provide needed financial data to facilitate the President's Budget preparation.
9. Maintains and updates log of AQG real property and the location of
10.  Submit financial report to newsletter including:  income, expenses, and the balance of the checking, savings and CD accounts.
11.  Arrange for transfer of financial records to incoming Treasurer
12.  Responsible for collection of solicitations (sunshine, fines, etc), counting money collected and informing appropriate committee chairman and/or membership of the amount.

Redtop Chairman

- Decide use of and nature of retreat theme. 
- Prepare a line item budget which include the proposed cost to each member who will be attending the retreat.
- Act as liaison between the Guild and the location and/or facility of the Retreat. Handle contract, payments, rentals, keys, and other details regarding facility use.
- Organize sub-committees and call meetings as needed. Provide sub-committees with budgets.
- Be present during the retreat and serve as facilitator and point of contact.
- Design an orderly and fair process for distribution of timely information to membership leading up to event, including, but not limited to sign-up sheet, and money collection.
- Maintain accurate accounting of all funds received.  Funds collected and receipts for expenses should be turned over to Treasurer.  
- Conduct a feedback survey at the conclusion of the retreat, and report results to Executive Committee within 30 days.  Complete a written summary of the survey, including lessons learned that may be useful in future events.
- Maintain the Guild Red Top Retreat Informational Manual.  Pass on to successor or Archivist for access.

By-Laws Chairman

- Attends Executive Board meetings and General Meetings with a copy of the By-Laws handy for reference during meetings.
- Be responsible for ballots and other requirements, if necessary,  for elections or other matters requiring general membership approval.
- Make approved changes to the By-Laws. Keep an updated version in the Guild Notebook and forward updates to the Web Mistress for uploading to the website.
- Maintain, and update annually, the Appendix to the Bylaws, that contains job descriptions for all officers and committee chairman.  This is maintained as an assist to persons volunteering in these roles. They may be adapted by current position holders.

Committee duties


- Takes minutes of the events at the General and Executive Board Meetings.
- Send a copy of minutes, via e-mail, within one week of the attended meeting to the President, and Newsletter Editor.
- Present the previous month’s minutes at the General Meeting for approval or correction. 

- Amend minutes as necessary.


1. Conduct the General and Board Meetings. 
2. Forward an Agenda for the General and Board meetings to the Communications Chairman for distribution to the membership
3. Solicit and appoint volunteers for chair positions. Assure chairman are informed of committee's duties and responsibilities as set forth in the Appendix to the By-Laws.
4. Assess needs and help support Executive Board members.
5. Coordinate annual guild calendar.
6. Submit a monthly President's message to the membership via the Newsletter.
7. Research /Survey membership for program planning options and activity feedback.
8. Have signature authority for checks as needed by the Treasurer.
9. Prepare, with the help of the Treasurer, an budget report showing the beginning and ending balances for each committee. This will be passed to the incoming President
10. Prepare a budget for the upcoming fiscal year, with the Treasurer and committee chairman. This budget is normally based on the ending balances from the previous year, with amendments for proposed committee needs. This should be done at the November Board meeting
11. Reserve the facilities for meetings and events. This can be done in November or December
12. The President may be responsible for picking up and returning the door key to Robert's School for the Board meeting. This duty can be delegated.

13.  Notify whomever picked up the key how to enter alarm immediately after opening the door and setting the alarm upon leaving.

 Website Committee

-  Maintain and update AQGuild.org as required.
-  Take photographs during the General Meetings and post the pictures on the website.
-  Maintain a copy of the Newsletter on the website.

-  Post any other important information on the website as needed, e.g., BOM directions, Special Projects, Retreat updates, etc.
-  Request funding for updates or enhancements for website.

-  Coordinate with Treasurer for payment of website URL. 

Community Service Chairman 

- Research previous, current, and new options for charities.
- Propose recommendations for proposed charities to Board.
- Promote participation in events and projects.
- Co-ordinate with charities and recipients for donation desires.
- Maintain inventory and organization of donated materials.
- Submit receipts for expenses related to projects to the Treasurer for reimbursement.
- Distribute recognition beads and pins.
- The Chairman is responsible for picking up and returning the door key to Robert's School.  This duty can be delegated. 
- The school has an alarm which must be unarmed and armed.  Obtain the code and instructions for use.


3.  Circulate volunteer sign-up sheet as needed to ensure four volunteers assigned each            month. Maintain at least a three month lead.
4.  Promote equity in sharing duties among all members by periodic announcements and reminders.
5.  Inventory and organize hostess supplies as necessary and replenish when necessary.
6.  Arrange for the provision of turkey for November meeting and ham for December meeting.
7.  Submit receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.
8.  Support special events as requested by the Committee.
9.  Remind membership of housekeeping requirements (i.e. Roberts School) as needed. 
10.  The Chairman is responsible for picking up and returning the door key to Robert's School for the General Meeting unless someone is delegated.
11.  The school has an alarm which will need to be turned off when doors are open and set at the end of the day (unless school is in use by another group). Obtain the code.

- Provide information to members regarding expectations and duties of monthly hostess for general meetings.
- Have month’s hostesses arrive by 9:00 am to coordinate food drop off.Hostesses responsibilities are as follows:

- Set up tables and chairs.
- Have month’s hostesses bring drinks (regular and sweet Tea, regular and diet Cola , sprite) and have them set up buffet line in time for the meal.
- Set out plates, napkins and silverware.
- Warm food, if necessary, and place on table.
- Remove covers for all food at last minute.
- Prepare cups with ice and make coffee
- Stay and supervise the clean up.
- Wash and dry serving utensils.
-Dish towels will need to be taken home to wash and dry, then returned by the next month.
- Throw away all unwanted leftovers.
- Empty all trash cans.

-  Break down tables and chairs and lean again side of room.

Newsletter Chairman

- The newsletter is created on a monthly basis.  It shall include documents from the Executive Board, Committee Chairman and Guild Members.  Some of the items that should be included are the President's message, the General Meeting  and Board minutes and other items as deemed appropriate.

- Establish and inform members of deadlines for Newsletter articles.
- Send a copy of the newsletter to each member of the Guild.  This will be by email, (or by postal service for those members who opt for the extra postal service with membership fee).
- Bring a couple of extra copies of the newsletter to the General Meetings for passing out to any new member, or any member for whom temporary issues of email receipt have not been resolved.


- Research and present ideas to the President for programs to be conducted during the General Meetings.
- Coordinate events or guest speakers.
- Pursue, conduct or delegate special events, i.e., field trips.
- Host any visiting teacher conducting a program during the General Meeting.
- Announce upcoming programs and provide the Secretary and Newsletter Chairs with that information for publication.
- Assume responsibilities in the absence of the President.
- Coordinate the recognition by the Guild of the outgoing President. 

Awards Committee

- Provide a Show and Tell sign-up sheet to record member’s specific show and tell data upon arrival to the General Meetings.
- Assist members, as needed, to qualify dimensions or other features necessary to secure appropriate award.
- Ensure adequate awards are available for each General Meeting.

- ON-LINE RESOURCES:    The Pin Place – thimble & hand pins and  The Name Maker, Inc – ribbons

- Parameters of Awards are as follows:

     Gold Thimble-Quilt measures 300 inches all around and was completed totally by the member.

     Silver Thimble-Quilt measures 300 inches all around and was partially completed by                     someone other than the member, i.e. someone else quilted the quilt.

    Hand Pin- Quilt measures 300 all around and was hand quilted by the member.

    Blue Ribbon-for projects less than 300 inches around 
    Guild Challenge Pin – qualifications per specific challenge

    BOM Pin – per specific annual BOM project qualifications. 

Sunshine Committee

-  Solicits and accepts notifications of personal and family health incidents.
-  Affirm as needed, the preferred response of the Guild to hospitalizations and other major events of members. ( Recent practice for hospitalizations has been taking or sending flowers, fat quarters @  $35 -40;  $ 50 memorial gifts in the loss of a member.) 
-  Call or send a card to the member if they have been sick or had surgery (as circumstances permit)
-  Keep membership informed through announcements, newsletter, email or website as indicated.

-  Submit receipts to Treasurer for reimbursement.

Communications Chairman

- Maintain a current email list of members as received from the membership chairman.
- Forward email reminders, updates, information to the membership from the Board, members or committees as appropriate.

​​Allatoona Quilters' Guild

Door Prize Committee

1.  Funding for the prize at the January General Meeting will be given to the Chair by: (1) the Treasurer; or (2) the previous Committee Chairman.  It is anticipated that the monies collected for each meeting will fund the prize selection for the next month.
2.  The cost of a chance at the door prize shall be $1.00.  The number of chances purchased is unlimited.
3.  The winner’s name (if paper slips used) or ticket number (if roll of double raffle tickets used) will be drawn at a time during the meeting specified by the President.
4.  The money is collected by the chairperson and kept to purchase the following month’s prize.
5.  The Chair will periodically solicit feedback regarding prize selections.
6.  Any deficit issues in purchasing like value prizes on a continuing basis should be addressed to the Board in order to be resolved.

December Block Exchange

- This committee coordinates the raffle of quilt blocks during the December meeting.  The theme is set by the Board and can change from year to year, i.e., Christmas, Easter, Summer, etc.
- The coordinator will be responsible for purchasing 10 to 15 years of fabric for that theme which will be included in each of the blocks.  The fabric is usually purchased at the end of the theme's season, when the fabric is usually on sale.
- The fabric is cut into fat quarters and wrapped, along with the instructions (see below), for sale at the Guild meetings. 
- Collect the 12 ½ completed blocks from members as they are finished. Assure each block has the maker's name on them  and all have used the theme fabric in a recognizable way.  All blocks must be turned in by the November general meeting. 
- Purchase cheap tablecloths or plastic from the Dollar Store (number depends on amount of quilt sets) for organization of each set of blocks.
- Because at the December meeting, there will be a drawing for the quilt sets, the names of the block maker should be kept and used for drawing the winners. 
- Divide the blocks into sets of 12 and tape or pin them to the plastic.
- At December general meeting, display the block sets by taping to wall.
- For every block turned in by members, the members name will go into a drawing. During the December general meeting, conduct a drawing for each set of blocks.
- AQG Block Guidelines for Christmas Drawing
         Each participant may purchase ONE fat quarter of the theme fabric.
          Blocks may be pieced or appliquéd in any pattern you choose with a recognizable
amount of the fabric in each block. When completed, unfinished blocks should measure 12 1/2 inches.
          Each participant may make up to 5 blocks. For each block you submit, your name will be
entered into a drawing to win a set of blocks.
          Safety pin a piece of paper with your name onto each block you submit.
          Each participant may only win one set of blocks regardless of the number of blocks entered.
          Blocks are due no later than the November General Meeting. (Earlier is encouraged)
          Winners will be drawn at the December General Meeting. Need not be present to win.

Membership Chairman

- Prepare and distribute new member packets. Each packet will contain a copy of the current By-Laws; current membership roster; material and instructions for AQG nametag; name tag pin and a Membership Introduction for the Newsletter form.
 - New member names and email addresses should be sent to the Communications and Newsletter chairs as soon as possible, so that the new member will quickly receive all communications of the guild.
- Keep membership forms on hand during the year for new/renewal members.
- Submit dues to the Treasurer for deposit.
- Prepare a membership roster to include members name (sorted by first name), address, phone number, cell phone number and email address. The Membership roster and cell phone list, if changed from the previous mailing, should be emailed as an attachment to the Communications Chair to be sent to all guild members. After the first month, a new an updated Roster should be distributed as a new/renewedmember has been added to the Guild.
- Additional information should be collected is the member's birth date and anniversary date, that should be sent to the Newsletter chairman as soon as possible.
- Prepare and distribute membership cards to all members at the beginning of each new year.If you wait for two or three months before printing membership cards and make ending date in March, it's easier to print in bulk and keep you from having to do so many on an individual basis.With the date being in March, it would carry over until the next year's cards were printed.There should be a computer directions set up for how to print the cards.
- Coordinate with the Red Top Chair that all attending the retreat are paid members.
- Create a pinned-on name tag for each member.

- Conduct paper piecing classes for badge construction , if necessary.This duty can be delegated.
- For new members to the Guild, prepare a short bio for inclusion in the newsletter.This duty can be delegated.
- Distribute renewal forms for the next fiscal year in November and December.  Work with incoming membership chairman on who should register names. 
Ask Newsletter Chairman to include membership form for these two months.

- The previous year's Membership chair will pass along a box containing: cardstock for membership cards, printer fabric for nametags, and instructions for printing both; plastic name tag holders; fabric and instructions for optional paper pieced name tags; folders; forms for renewal, new members, and visitors.