Allatoona Quilters   Guild

Community Service

We make comfort quilts for kids of all ages and lately they have asked us to also make lap quilts for adults. These quilts are given to the Acworth police department every December. They share some with other agencies. An example of how they use our quilts; if a child is taken out of a home or has been in an accident, they will try to comfort that child with a quilt. The quilt is theirs to keep.

We accept quilts of all sizes. I try not to go under 40 inches wide. I have a couple patterns we use a lot in the guild and they measure 46X55. See me if you would like a copy.

Each quilt has to be finished, have a guild label on the back and your name slip. I have both the label and name slips and will carry them to every meeting I go to. Name slips are taken off the quilt before donation.

We make pillowcases for 'Ryan's Case for Smiles'. Their website is Each pillowcase should be laundered in fragrance free detergent and dryer sheets. Each pillowcase should be ironed, folded and placed in a new quart zip lock bag. Also they do not want a flange on the pillowcase. I have personally never made a pillowcase. But if you have any questions let me know and I can get you the answer.

Any questions please contact Sue Zabell or ask at any meeting. We know without material donations we will not have the amount of quilts or pillowcases we had the past couple years. But I know we can still give a nice donation at the end of the year.