Allatoona Quilters   Guild

Allatoona Quilters Guild 2017 Fabric Exchange

Welcome to the 2017 Fabric Exchange. This year we will be exchanging 6-inch squares; we picked 6 inches so they can be trim down to a size you want to use. At the end of the year you could have 288 squares. Maybe you will be able to make a disappearing 9-patch with a novelty print as your center square, an I-Spy quilt or any quilt your heart desires.

We will be exchanging both novelty and tonal/tone-on-tone squares (must have most of the color within square and can have other color in it…it needs to read the color). You will need to purchase 3/4 yard of quilt-shop quality fabric:

Cut four (4) 6-inch strips by width of fabric.

From each strip, trim the selvage and cut six (6) 6-inch squares for a total of 24 squares

Put the 24 squares in a plastic zip bag with your name and bring them to general meeting each month.

You can submit as many bags as you like but each will only contain 24 squares and your name.

Here is a list of what will be exchanged each month:

MONTH             FABRIC

January             Red      

February           Novelty - Bugs

March                Blue

April                   Novelty - Animals

May                    Yellow

June                    Novelty - Food (veggies, fruits, candy, bacon, etc.)

July                     Green

August               Novelty - Sports (boys and girls)

September        Orange

October             Novelty – Books, Comics, Movies (Dr. Seuss, Superman, Starwars, Disney, etc.)

November         Purple

December          Words (words, letters, numbers, etc.)

If you have any questions about the Fabric Exchange contact Carolyn Shea.

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