Allatoona Quilters   Guild

General Meeting Minutes, November 7, 2017

The meeting was opened by President Dottie Pittman at 10AM with a warm welcome to all.  Dottie welcomed 3 guests, including 2 member’s grandchildren, and reminded everyone to turn off their cell phones.  We then had a moment of silence in memory of Marguerite Perry. 

 Carol Bobar was absent so Dottie announced the slate of officers for 2018.  Nominees are as follows:  Kim Ayers – President; Dianne Olsen – Vice President; Bonnie Davidson – Secretary; Linda Basler – Treasurer.  A motion to accept the slate of officers as presented was made and seconded and passed unanimously by a voice vote.

Kim Ayers introduced the 2018 Committee Chairs as follows:

Archivist – Carol Bobar
Awards – Dottie Pittman
Birthday Club – Kim Ayers
BOM – Emily Gail Wyett
By-Laws - Sue Baumgartel
Communications - Open
Community Service – Carolyn Shea
Door Prize – Connie Kessler
Monthly Exchange – Mary Ann Perry
Hostess – Pat Trapanese and Roxanne Santini
Membership – Huguette Boyer
Newsletter – Daryl Miller
Red Top 2018 – Barb Levan
Special Projects – Sue McBride
Sunshine Club – Rose Holland
Thursday Sew-In – Sue Zabell
Website – Nancy Draheim

Dottie asked that all 2017 and 2018 officers and committee chairs attend the November and December Board meetings.  She also reminded everyone that there would be a short Red Top committee chair meeting following the luncheon.  The final Red Top payments are due today.  Huguette is collecting 2018 membership fees.

Vice president Sue Baumgartel said the You Sew N Sew blocks are due today.  Today’s program is a presentation of the VP Challenge - “A Story to Be Told.”  Four prizes will be awarded.  December will be our community service quilts presented to the Acworth police department.  We will have a gift exchange – a full-sized, non-seasonal apron; a drawing for the You Sew N Sew block exchanges (Sue has enough for 10 quilts so far); a drawing for the UFO neutral FQs; and a Food Bank Giving Tree for monetary donations.  January will be a fun game day and entry will be 6 WOF 2.5” strips of this century, good quality quilt shop fabric.  February will be fiber artist Susan Lenz, and March will be Carole Liebzeit giving a lecture and workshop.

Regarding October’s general and board meeting minutes, Dottie asked if there were any corrections.  Dottie asked for a motion to accept the October minutes.  The motion was made, seconded and passed on a voice vote. 
Kim Ayers gave the Treasurer’s report indicating balances as of October 31, 2017.

                Committee reports of note were presented as follows:

·         Birthday Club – Dottie Pittman announced 5 birthdays this month.

·         BOM - Melinda Fulkerson was absent but Dottie said Melinda would be sending out instructions for the last 3 blocks before next Tuesday.

·         Community Service –Sue Zabell said 2017 donation quilts will be accepted until November 30.  After that date, no quilts will be accepted until January.  Sue said Sylvia Lutz has 5 quilt tops that need quilting and that donated items from Marguerite Perry were available if anyone wanted them.

·         Door Prizes –Barb Levan had a lot of door prizes today, both purchased and donated.

·         Fabric Exchange – Carolyn Shea was absent but Dottie announced that December’s exchange is 24 six-inch squares of fabrics with letters or words.  15 people participated in October’s exchange.

·         Hostess – Pat Trapanese/Roxanne Santini – Pat passed around the hostess sign-up sheet for 2018.  She reminded everyone that the Guild will provide ham in December and members should bring sides and dessert.

·         Membership – Huguette Boyer is accepting dues ($35 in cash or check).  Dues must be paid by January 2018.

·         Red Top 2018 – Barb Levan said almost all 75 participants have paid in full.  Jim, the fabric guy, has closed shop and will not be coming to Red Top.  Not everyone was able to be placed in the shelter of their choice.  Rose Archer will accept donations for the popular Scrap Mountain.  People should save their magazines for an exchange. 

·         Special Projects– Sue McBride said this month’s projects will not require a sewing machine.  They are made of folded fabrics (wreath, Christmas tree, ornament, table mat).  Sue said she is open to suggestions for 2018 projects or techniques.

·         Sunshine – Carolyn McQueen said she received a thank you card for the $50 the guild donated in memory of Marguerite Perry.

·         Thursday Sew-In –Edna Cooper said 8 people participated in the October 31 Sew-In.  The next one is November 16 from 9-5 and the guild will provide BBQ sandwiches. 

Show and Tell - Lots of great show and tell projects were presented.  

Following a short break, Sue Baumgartel asked the 12 people participating in the VP challenge to show and tell about their quilts.  Participant names were drawn and four people received gift certificates.

Door prize drawings were held followed by a pot luck lunch.  

There being no further business, the meeting adjourned at 12:05 PM. 

Respectfully submitted, Bonnie Davidson​