​​Allatoona Quilters' Guild

Allatoona Quilters’ Guild
General Meeting Minutes
October 1, 2019

President Kim Ayers opened the meeting at 10 AM and welcomed one visitor. We are having Daryl Miller as our speaker today.

Vice President Dianne was absent but Kim reviewed the rest of the year. Daryl Miller discussed some 2020-21 programs. We are planning for games in

January, Re-Loom will visit in February, Elisabeth Frolet will speak in March and O.V. Brantley has accepted our invitation for June, 2020.

Meeting Minutes: Kim asked for approval of the August minutes as posted in the newsletter, a motion was made and seconded. All members agreed. 

Treasurer’s Report: Jan Woods reported as of 10/ 01 /19 balances

Committee reports of note:

Awards – Barb Levan: Barb’s basket with the awards in it has come up missing, if anyone has seen it please let her know. In the meant time she has

ordered new ribbons and pins. Make sure you sign up on the sheet.

Birthday Club -- We sang to our October birthday members.

BOM – Emily Gail Wyett: There will be a new quilt this month and it is page 199, Evening on the Farm. We will be having everything apple this month.
By-Laws - Sue Baumgartel will be sending out an email; if there are any changes we will discuss.

Community Service – Carolyn Shea:
• Next year CHOA theme will be Safari camp for the pillow cases.
• Nov 19th will be the last week to turn in quilts and pillow cases for 2019.
• We have Community Service day Oct 29th. Lunch will be served. We have received a great deal of material to be used.
• Quilts of Valor are looking for blocks; Carolyn has envelopes with directions if you would like to participate. There doesn’t appear to be a deadline to turn these in.

Door Prizes – Karen Hausdorf/Sue Tipton: What wonderful prizes, the ladies did very well.
Hostesses –Pat Trapanese: November lunch will be catered by Cracker Barrel and  December will be catered by Family Tradition. We will need to know who

will be here so will we will be getting head count. Desserts will be split for these two months by name.

Membership – Jacque Hodges is collecting $35 for 2020 dues starting in November. We currently have 102 members; and 2 guests. Please make sure you

write separate checks for Red Top and membership.

Newsletters – Daryl Miller : Please submit articles by the Friday after Executive Board.

Program Committee- Daryl Miller reported we have been able to schedule Elisabeth Frolet for March and O.V. Brantley for June 2020.

Red Top 2020 – Sue Zabell / Barb Levan - Theme: Red Top goes into the Woods: dates March 10-13 setup on the afternoon of the 9th. We have the curvy Log

Cabin or any log cabin as the optional theme quilt. We have 64 people with the cutoff date in Sept 3, General Meeting. Barb will be sending out information but

you will need to bring your own plates, bowls, spoons, forks, napkins, etc. There is no place to wash these so you will have to take real dishes home to wash.

Scrap Mountain is back in the program. You will need to book your rooms now if you plan on staying here at the park. You must have a parking pass and if you purchase at

the Park’s main office in March it will be valid through next March and next year’s Red Top Retreat. Be sure to ask for the Senior or Military discounts. You may also check

out the passes from Cobb County libraries if they are available. Special Projects-- Sue McBride will be doing a Mondo bag for the next two months.  There will not be any

Special Projects for Nov & Dec due to the holidays. Sue showed us three different sizes. Special Project is on Oct. 22.

Thursday Sew-In – Kathy Zimmer: Sept 19th no one showed up.

Website – Kim Ayers: The website is up to date. The program is not up to date, and probably will not be able to work on it until the holidays.

Raffle was carried out.

Daryl did a program on borders with lots of information and did a wonderful job. She will send out information on the program.

Sue Lane, AQG Secretary
Allatoona Quilters’ Guild