Allatoona Quilters   Guild


Allatoona Quilters’ Guild
General Meeting Minutes
December 4, 2018 

President Kim Ayers opened the meeting at 10 AM.  Kim welcomed 2 guests and reminded everyone to turn their cell phones either off or on silent.  Kim made an announcement asking for volunteers to fill the webmaster and food bank volunteer positions.  Mary Ann Perry agreed to make drop offs at the Mars Hill Presbyterian Church Food Bank.  Kim will step in as Webmaster for the time being. 

Community Service Presentation – Carolyn Shea welcomed Barbara Means of Ryan’s Case for Smiles.  The Guild donated 568 pillowcases in 2018.  Barbara gave a brief history of the group’s origin and thanked us for touching the lives of so many people.  Carolyn then welcomed Captain Dennard and members of the Acworth Police Department.  A total of 163 quilts were donated to the police in 2018.  Captain Dennard said some of our quilts were donated to families affected by the recent natural disasters as well as the Safe Path organization, Kennesaw police department, and local Georgia State Patrol.  The Guild recognized Carolyn for all she has done for Community Service.  

Presentation of the President’s Quilt - Dianne Olson gave an emotional speech and presented Kim with the President’s Quilt.  Kim’s quilt was a Quilt of Valor for her many years of service in the U.S. Air Force.  The quilt was pieced by Daryl Miller, quilted by Doreen Clink, and binding attached by Sue Baumgartel.  

Meeting Minutes:  Kim asked for approval of the November minutes as posted in the newsletter.  A motion was made and seconded and members approved the minutes. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Sue Zabell reported that the 2019 budget had increased slightly and been approved by the Executive Committee at the November Board meeting.  The Guild collected $83.53 for the Food Bank in November and $146.50 at today’s meeting for a YTD total of $927.78. 

Committee reports of note:

·         Birthday Club – Kim announced 7 birthdays in December.  

·         BOM – Emily Gail Wyatt said participants will be working on applique next week and attendees should bring a sandwich to share.  For those who want to participate, we will continue making the small quilts in 2019 but will also offer a new yet to be disclosed project (hint:  bear paws and embroidery).  The January BOM meeting has been moved to Thursday, 1/17/19.

·         Communications - Michelle Wyman said Melinda Fulkerson will be taking over in 2019.

·         Community Service – Carolyn Shea will provide a mailing address if anyone wants to donate a quilt by year end with regard to the Robert Kaufman request for quilts for fire victims in California.  Nancy Draheim will be bringing in free fabric to be used for Community Service projects at the next Community Service Day on 1/29/19. 

·         Door Prizes – Connie Kessler had lots of prizes today from Tiny Stitches as well as items donated by Barbara Means and Alta Miele.

·         Fabric Exchange – MaryAnn Perry thanked everyone for the cards, calls and prayers during her cancer treatment.  She will be going in for aorta replacement in Feb. 2019 if not sooner.  The 2019 fabric exchange plans are for the first 6 months, twelve 3” strips of kid prints in primary colors alternating every other month with Kona solid (Feb will be red).  Starting in July 2019 will be 6” squares. More details to follow.

·         Hostesses – Roxanne Santini and Pat Trapanese were circulating a hostess sign-up sheet.

·         Membership – Huguette Boyer is collecting $35 for 2019 dues.  Dues for anyone wanting the newsletter printed and mailed to them are $45.  There is a $5 late fee for dues paid after 1/30/19.  Huguette thanked Jacque Hodges for filling in for her last month.  Members should write separate checks for dues and Red Top.

·         Newsletter – Daryl Miller – please submit articles by the 21st.  Daryl is looking for pictures of all the mini quilts from the VP Challenge.  MaryAnn Perry will send Daryl a picture of Lisa Wright’s winning quilt. 

·         Red Top Retreat – Barb Levan needs to know whether attendees are or are not making a One Block Wonder Quilt.  Watch for an email from Melinda Fulkerson about what is required.  The balance RT fee is due at the January general meeting.  Celeste Sheldt and Jan Wood are co-chairing games and gave examples of fabrics both suitable to bring and not bring.  Start bringing in scraps in December for scrap mountain so Rose Archer can sort them. 

·         Special Projects – Sue Lane thanked everyone who participated in 2018.  Suzie Callender and Glenna Martin will reveal the January special project at the January 2019 general meeting.

·         Sunshine Club – Rose Holland had no new update, but several members asked for prayers for loved ones.  These included Joanne Smith’s husband, Terry Kelly’s mother-in-law, Arlena Hickman’s brother-in-law, and her husband’s brother’s granddaughter who was severely bitten on the face by a dog.  On a happier note, Dottie Pittman is a great grandmother. 

·         Thursday Sew-In – Sue Zabell said Barb Levan will be hosting the December 20 sew-in.

·         Website – Nancy Draheim will give lessons to anyone willing to take over as webmaster.

·         By-Laws – Sue Baumgartel will be sending out the current by-laws for review.  

Kim reminded everyone that the January 2019 general meeting will be held on the 2nd Tuesday (1/8/19) due to the New Year’s holiday falling on the first Tuesday.  Kim then requested 4 helpers for Show-N-Tell.  Following a short break, door prizes were drawn.  Dianne Olsen chaired our table topper gift exchange and the December block winners were drawn.  There were 4 winners as follows:  Daryl Miller, Bonnie Davidson, Kim Ayers and Terry Kelly. 

The meeting adjourned at 11:55 AM followed by a pot luck ham luncheon. 

Respectfully submitted, Bonnie Davidson, Secretary