Allatoona Quilters   Guild

February 28, 2017

The Special Project on Tuesday February 28  is a tote bag.  We will start it this month and finish in March.
The pattern is by Quiltsmart, and comes in 3 sizes:  Mondo, Midi, and Bitty.  Each uses the same technique of fusing square on special printed Quiltsmart interfacing, then sewing them, and finally making the bag itself.
(Please note:  if you do not want to make a bag, but would like to learn the technique, PLEASE JOIN US!  Thanks to Nancy Draheim, I have lots of gridded interfacing that you can use to make a mug rug, or coaster, as shown in the photo.  Also you can still come and sew and hang out and do your own project, even if you don't want anything to do with this project!)
Each size of the bag has its own pattern, and its own printed interfacing.  You can find them in our local quilt shops. Just make sure you are getting the correct interfacing for the size bag you want to make, and enough of it.
Supplies, in addition to printed interfacing:
Mondo bag, the largest: (208) 2-1/2" squares (but see my note below), which equals 52 charm squares.  You also need 1 1/4 yard EACH of lining and fusible fleece.
Midi bag, the medium one:  (108) 2-1/2" squares (but see my note below) which equals 27 charm squares.  You also need 3/4 yard EACH of lining and fusible fleece.
Bitty bag, the smallest:  (52) 2-1/2" squares (but see my note below)  which equals 13 charm squares.  You also need 1/2 yard for lining, no fusible fleece needed.
         Note: I have found that cutting squares at 2-3/8"( instead of 2-1/2") makes the sewing easier and the product flatter.
If you have an applique pressing sheet, please bring it. We are using a fusible product.  If you don't have one it's ok, you can borrow mine, or I think that parchment paper will work as well.
Also a glue stick comes in handy when arranging squares, the plain old Elmer's glue kind is perfect.
Sewing machine and usual sewing stuff.
The mug rug uses (24) 1-7/8" squares, plus backing, batting (I can supply) and binding.
The coaster uses (64) 7/8" squares, plus backing and binding.
This is a fun technique, and the bags are great!  I hope you will join me!
Any questions, call or email me:  Sue McBride